Updating table variables

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Updating table variables

Part II is devoted to a comprehensive treatment of estimation and interpretation for binary, ordinal, nominal, and count outcomes.Readers familiar with previous editions will find many changes in the third edition.Examples in the new edition also illustrate changes to the authors' popular SPost commands after a recent rewrite inspired by the authors' evolving views on interpretation.Readers will note that SPost now takes full advantage of the power of the margins command and the flexibility of factor-variable notation.

These commands complement margins, aiding model interpretation, hypothesis testing, and model diagnostics.Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using Stata, Third Edition, by J.Scott Long and Jeremy Freese, is an essential reference for those who use Stata to fit and interpret regression models for categorical data.Everything looks perfectly typeset, but yet you can "flip" through the book in the same way you would "flip" through a very long web page in your web browser.And best of all, whenever I have my tablet with me, my books are just a swipe away.— Michael Mitchell Senior statistician at the USC Children's Data Network, author of four Stata Press books, and former UCLA statistical consultant who envisioned and designed the UCLA Statistical Consulting Resources website.

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The authors also discuss how many improvements made to Stata in recent years—factor variables, marginal effects with margins, plotting predictions using marginsplot—facilitate analysis of categorical data.