Updating apple tv on a mac

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Updating apple tv on a mac

There’s even a text field above the folder where you can give it a name.

Clicking the play/pause button when selecting an app will give you further options including shortcuts for moving apps between folders.

Grab a micro USB cable and connect it to the back of the Apple TV. Then click Restore and Update on the next dialog asking if you’re sure. This previously looked like i OS 8’s full-screen tiles scrolling left to right; the updated switcher looks like i OS 9 with overlapping snapshots of each app scrolling right to left.i Cloud Photo Library & Live Photos tv OS 9.2 is also a big deal for Photos fans.You can now use Siri Remote to dictate text for search queries, usernames, and even passwords, and Bluetooth keyboards are once again supported for easier text entry.Apple TV apps can now be grouped into folders so you can keep games together, and i Cloud Photo Library subscribers can view complete photo and video collections on the big screen.

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Starting with tv OS 9.2, video must first be paused, which you can do by clicking the Touch Surface, before you can scrub through video.

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