Top 10 most intimidating singapore dating tips

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Top 10 most intimidating

No one wanted to face these guys, and for good reason.The list is not limited to comic company, hero or villain.

It's alway bad news when this guy shows up.8) The Silver Surfer. Short little man with 3 times your bulk and claws.5. Anyone who has read Buffy knows how frightening he is when hes angry.6&7. they are both funny looking immortal beings who look at you like you are less than poop.8. A shrouded shadow with white eyes and a cape that resembles bat wings, staring at you from a perched position - THAT'S intimidating.honorable mention from me for Butcher.

Once broke every bone in the Hulk's body.honorable mention from me for Butcher.

He's so intimidating his enemies, the most powerful people and super-powered people on his planet, his friends, team mates and family give pause to whether they should cross him or not, much less do anything that would put them in his sights.1.

), all scared their sports foes and rivals in different ways.

While some athletes play clean, they certainly aren't listed here.

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Here is my list in no certain order:1) Ghost Rider.