Representing and validating digital business processes who is parker mckenna posey dating

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Representing and validating digital business processes

This does not mean that Architects or UX Strategists don’t focus on the dots; it means they focus on the dots through the understanding of the relationships the dots generate.Essentially, architecture and UX strategy embrace the gestalt factor (the process of ‘joining the dots’) which allows connections, trends and patterns to emerge.Then, the paper discusses some issues emerging from the literature on business processes representation and presents some research directions on the evaluation of the compatibility of business and IT processes with existing organizational environments and practices.The problem of implicit knowledge and of its capture in a manner which allows it to be included in business process design is also discussed, presenting some open research issues.Executing large-scale UX programs requires a UX strategy because it results in better choreography of digital activities.

How does a business ensure the way people experience and use their digital technologies and interfaces improve?Understanding architecture provides a great basis for understanding experience and how it can be shaped.The role of UX strategy is similar to architecture because both represent design activities involved in ‘joining the dots’.Yet, very few organisations understand the implication of the digital explosion that is occurring, paying only lip service to it and missing its impact on consumer behaviour and business process.Not adequately and appropriately embracing digital is a clear sign of digital immaturity and as a consequence, organisations following this route do not benefit from the consumer and business value that a digital first perspective offers.

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