Mike puru is dating

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Mike puru is dating

That could be a pretty exposing experience for anyone genuinely looking for love."Yes," laughs Puru, "so I take my hat off to the girls because I suspect it is no easy task to put yourself in front of a man and team up with a whole lot of other beautiful ladies and, you know, get rejected on television. And they are the ones who will be taking all the risks.

But people find love in all sorts of various ways so for all of them this could be a fantastic opportunity. Having said that, under the right circumstances, is this the kind of reality show he would have considered taking part in himself?

He had no comment to make to Spy about his new gig.

Mediaworks, who have their new season launch at Auckland's Northern Club tomorrow, also wouldn't comment on Puru's departure from the show.

Puru, who stood by Art Green and Jordan Mauger as they searched for love on the reality TV show, found out his fate last week – but Spy understands he hasn’t taken the news to heart.

, a youth-oriented current affairs show in which TV viewers were encouraged to text in their opinions.

Puru went on to present on home shopping channel Yes Shop.

"He said, 'Anna your journey for true love ends here,' and I said, 'Not necessarily'.

"I wasn't going to stand there and take that, because it's not over," she said. If he's into that then good luck to them both I say. " Marshall said the rose ceremonies and cocktail parties were the most "intense" part of the romance reality show and her elimination was a blur.

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"He's very charming too, a very nice guy – a very clever, good-looking, charismatic Kiwi bloke. I'm happily in love at the moment so I don't need to go looking.

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