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Love tips dating african men

Some responses: “Love is love.” Jennifer (23), Angolan “I would only prefer to date a Congolese man because we both understand each others cultures.The connection is just better because we can relate in many ways since we’ve had a similar upbringing.” Sarah (24), Congolese “I love my Ghanaian brothers, especially those who can speak my tribal language. Especially when telling jokes, it just doesn’t sound the same in English.” Nana (24), Ghanaian “I will be with anyone as long as they are compatible to me and I’m attracted to them. I’m British.” Christopher (28), Nigerian “As long as they are not Jamaican.” Bijoux (28), Congolese “Dating someone from your own background has far more positives than dating someone from another background, such as cultural understanding, speaking the same language etc. I’ve brought a Nigerian, Jamaican and Congolese home. Feminism, as many of us daughters of Africa know, is taboo on the continent.Still, throughout Africa our brothers and sisters tie feminism to western voodoo, a type of evil cult that tells African women it is okay to be unmarried, focused on your career and not on procreation, or that the institution of patriarchy in Africa may actually be – shocker – detrimental. First, every African man wants a cook, like his mama.Am I saying that those who date outside of their culture are not in tune with their own?

“For most of us English is not our first language, we think in our mother tongue then translate it into English.If you can communicate with someone in a language that you both feel comfortable with, it makes being with that person easier.In Africa, those who speak the same language have a similar culture.I went to a secondary school that was predominantly West African and attended a university that was predominantly white, so my choices were wide and I dated a few of those choices.In fact I wasn’t into my own culture as much because I grew up along a lot of other nationalities, in what I call “London culture”.

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I would prefer to date someone from the same country as me.

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