Iranian dating in tehran

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Young Iranians are disrupting the matchmaking equation.

They want to marry somebody they love, but they also want to obey their parents and the rules of Islam.

Apparently Iran is facing a marriage crisis so authorities have decided to step in and play cupid.

Joining me is Ali Jafari, our official translator approved by the Ministry of Culture.

There Ali Sabor, a professor of Islamic teaching, tells students: “Sexual desire must be controlled.

The best way to fulfil your sexual needs is marriage.” Despite the disapproval of the authorities, more and more young Iranian couples are living together outside of marriage.

ALI JAFARI, TRANSLATOR: Definitely, and I have plenty of reasons for it.The Mehrieh is paid in gold coins to the bride’s parents.Zohre’s final price was 114 gold coins, amounting to roughly ,000, compared with the 14 coins originally offered by Ali’s family.“If you compare it to 10 years ago, expectations are higher, people are more demanding,” Mrs Mogadam tells me.“If a woman has a degree, she won’t accept someone who doesn’t.” Saba Lotfi, a 28-year-old accountancy student at Tehran University, was one of Mrs Mogadam’s visitors.

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After all, getting married in Iran is no easy feat.

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