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May it haunt their houses pleasantly.......” Charles Dickens, in a Preface to I love to belly laugh. Department 56 Village Resting My Bones I love puns, and puns sometimes lead to belly laughs. A belly laugh comes from a primal place, when something has touched your heart or memory..makes you happy in a way that transforms your very body and being.Packaging and Shipping Information for Department 56 We are an authorized 'Club 56' Department 56 retailer.All Dept 56 items are in the original, never opened box and come complete with paperwork. ) Department 56 retailers in the world, we understand collectors are particular.

The lit railroad lantern illuminates his skeletal frame that used to be human.

Halloween Snow Village from Department 56 Haunted Rails Caboose 4.

An nice piece is the Snow Village Halloween accessory, "Batminton," #402234! The cheerful but gaunt witch is taking a hefty swing at the shuttlebat, but we know, and her partner knows that, through no 'fault' of his, he, not the bat, will be batted! "Witches' Brew Pub" is a very nice pun, and almost made the Top 10.

For a man who buries corpses, our "Grave Undertaker" is downright affable.

This genial gentleman is leaning against his custom coffin sign, and has a tape measure draped around his neck, and a jaunty red ribbon tied around his hat.

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