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International dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and Hinge too entered India, tweaking their marketing strategy to balance local values with global dating trends.Not surprisingly, Tinder appeared to be almost the first choice of every person I spoke with.None of them worked out, but the third was the edgiest of the lot, she tells me. “I was more interested in meeting like-minded people with whom I could grab a drink or dinner.Rishab and I matched one day, and our relationship just grew,” she says.It has been a year since Raj and his friends graduated from a premier college in the state and are now working in the city.Raj hangs out with his buddies on weekends, has a girlfriend, is not shy to admit that he used to be on dating apps but is less active now.How then is this mobile revolution changing the attitudes of the next gen of young boys and girls in India?

A 24-year-old Mumbai-based woman, introduced to me through a mutual friend, echoes Nagaswami’s views.

I am now hounding all the 20-plus people around me, asking them to connect me to their friends who use dating apps.

A 27-year-old friend of a colleague who lives in Mumbai says she moved to dating apps because she is actively looking to find her Mr Right and ‘settle down’.

Almost all his friends are using or have used dating apps; the girls though, are not so forthcoming in admitting that. These three words best define the new dating paradigm.

By now most of the liquid in their glasses is consumed and the volume of the music is pumped up. If you are looking for a date you can get it instantly.

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Neil Mc Arthur, a philosopher at the University of Manitoba in Canada, in an excellent essay in Aeon, presents a good argument questioning if humans will ever be liberated from the basic biological needs that drove our evolutionary past?

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