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As many as 2,500 flight-only passengers have been told they have to wait to escape the political unrest.

Senegal troops have made the move towards the Gambian border as pressure is building for the president to step down.

A 12-year-old girl was left unable to talk, eat properly, or even close her mouth due to a grapefruit-sized tumor growing inside her mouth for three years.

Jannet Sylva, from The Gambia, could have had a simple procedure to remove the benign lump after it first emerged in her lower jaw when she was nine.

Eventually she could get reconstructive surgery to repair the stretched skin Jannet was born in The Gambia and was a relatively healthy child.

Odontogenic tumors and cysts are often benign and occur mostly in the jaw bones (mandible and maxilla).

They start from the tooth-forming tissues and may be caused by abnormal development of the jaw bone.

It is usually caused by irritation or injury to oral cavity tissue.

There are two types: fibromas, which can occur anywhere, and pyogeneic granulomas, which usually occur on the gums.

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