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Chat for free and trade pictures chat

So be in a highly expectant mood from the final days of February onwards, if they haven't already been released before then, due to last weekend's press speculation.

Last update reported that trading results would be, quote : "greater than market expectations".

So once this bit of a set-back has passed, I expect the shares to continue their usual upward path."Think it should read 4.9 million shares at around 157p not 57p.

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The companyreplied by saying it believedaccepting photos from mobilephones for official documentswas ‘incompatible with developingsecurity requirements’.

Analyst Simon Davies ofinvestment bank Canaccord Genuityremains a fan of Photo-Me, sayingshare price weakness is a buyingopportunity.‘The UK is trialling potentialchanges to passport applications,potentially allowing adults agedover 26 to use mobile photos torenew their passport, but only if thephotos are of the requisite standard(set by ICAO and ISO), somethingwhich is very hard to achieve,’ hecomments.

Take into account that those who preferred to take their own passport photos have already been doing so for years and yet despite that, the guidance is to expect results greater than market expectations.there was a quarterly trading update last year on 28th February.

One reason why I am not rushing to sell some of my stock is that the Photo-Me’s chief executive Serge Difficult-to-spell-surname put his hand in his pocket to buy himself a Christmas present of 4.9 million shares shares at about 57p a pop.Now if only ' Serge ' would buy another 5 million tickets a speedy recovery would be on the cards !!!!I could have understood the panic if we were doing business only in the UK but PHTM operate near enough the same profitable business in 17 different countries and I seriously doubt that selfies taken with a sheet pinned to the wall are ever going to be universally accepted as official proof of identity by many world wide goverment agencies.Would he have done that if the shares were likely to hit the skids?Only if he was raving mad, and all the indicators are that this is a shrewd cookie indeed.

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