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Continuity is important so the audience doesn´t get lost, especially in a dynamic sequence with quick cuts like this one.So now that I´ve eased you into this, do you guys want MORE green? Isn´t green the color you get rid of in visual effects? To me, the banality of the action is what makes this funny.I therefore went for the most straightforward lighting of the shop interior.I did these paintings but my friend and colleague Avner Geller came up with the concept, a sort of technicolor look with exaggerated colors. I had always looked at the world of j-pop, k-pop from a distance, but to me it seemed perfect for this. Let me introduce you to Kyary pamyu pamyu, damn song is now engraved in my reptilian brain forever: click HERE In the end the sequence was cut short so we weren´t able to develop all this nonesense any further.By the way, check out all the great work he did on this film and on other projects on his blog HERE. My friend Jean Julien Pous has done some incredible photography of Hong Kong markets, and I thought about his beautiful short film “Seeking you”. In designing the lighting for this sequence, I had to be very mindful of the architectural layout of the scene.


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